Have another drink? Or maybe not….

It’s nice to have a stiffener once in a while, but what is it doing to your skin?  Here are five reasons to drink in moderation.


  1. …dehydrates your skin. You can’t have plump, healthy-looking skin when it’s parched.
  2. …creates inflammation. Causing skin to appear dull and discolored, pores to enlarge, and decrease elasticity, resulting in sagging, fine lines and wrinkles.
  3. …alters the blood flow to the skin. This makes your capillaries to widen allowing more blood flow to the skin surface. The increased blood encourages your skin to flush and feel warmer, contributing to broken capillaries on the face.
  4. …affects sleep. Although alcohol makes us drowsy in the beginning, a few hours after having a drink your body produces a jolt of norepinephrine (a hormone that responds to excitement or stress) and you’re awake before you know it.  And because you got a lousy night’s sleep your skin is dull and blotchy in the morning.
  5. …damages your liver. The liver is the organ that is responsible for detoxifying the body. Alcohol is toxic to the liver, so you’re poisoning the cells that remove the toxins in your body. Talk about shooting yourself in the foot!


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