Do I REALLY Have to Take a Cold Shower? or Pour Me a Drink!

Well, not exactly cold, but lukewarm water is best for helping dry winter skin retain moisture. Hot showers combined with harsh soaps can strip the skin of the natural oils which help retain moisture.

Dry skin can result from many factors, and one of the most common in our area is cold winter air with low humidity. Those gorgeous clear, crisp winter days with the sun shining brightly are tough on skin. The air is dry outside, but it’s dry inside as well with the heat turned up!

What can help? MOISTURIZE your skin, drink enough water (the water that evaporates from the skin causing the dryness needs to be replaced) and use a humidifier to balance the moisture in the air.

The last two are easy. Step up the water and plug in the humidifier, but what’s the best way to moisturize?

Moisturizers contain three main types of ingredients. The first type is called a humectant and attracts moisture to the skin. Examples of humectants include hyaluronic acid, glycerin and lecithin. The second main ingredient is something that seals the moisture into the skin. These are frequently oil-base products like mineral oil or petroleum jelly, but can also be things like silicone or lanolin. The third type is an emollient, which fills in the spaces between skin cells, smoothing the skin’s appearance. Linoleic, linolenic and lauric acids are commonly used emollients.

The most effective way to moisturize winter skin is to wash in tepid water, blot dry and slather on the skin crème! Also, avoid harsh soaps and alcohol-based products. I have IMAGE skincare products available for purchase. I recommend either the Vital C Hydrating Repair Crème or the ORMEDIC Balancing Peptide Cream.

Now go take a WARM shower and DRINK some water!