Fall’s here. What does this mean for my skin?

The fall is upon us. I love the color change of the leaves and the crisp cool air. However, the sunny, humid summer days are gone. So what does this mean for your skin?

Just as you change your wardrobe when the seasons change, you should change your skin care routine. When the summer months transition to fall, the humidity levels in the air drop. With this drier air comes drier skin, and nobody wants that! So the first thing to do is switch from your lightweight, water-based products to those with a creamier base.

Sun damage can occur during the summer months, so an important thing to do is to check for signs of this. The easiest of these to see are sun spots and an uneven complexion. Keep an eye on out to watch for changes that may indicate skin cancer. They need to be caught early!

So, what should my fall skin care routine look like?

First, opt for a cream-based cleanser. Then add a hydrating serum. Finally, use a creamy moisturizer. The sun is still out there, although not as strong, so don’t forget your sunscreen! You can get sun damage even on cloudy days.

Remember that any changes made for your fall skin care routine carry over to winter, so you don’t need to change again until the fresh air of spring is upon us!