Everyday Things That You Can Do To Improve Your Skin

Remember to wear sunscreen
We’ve all heard about sun damage. It can range from unsightly ‘sunspots’ to potentially fatal skin cancer. Using sunscreen is an easy way to protect yourself against both of these! Slather it on!

Trade soap for a moisturizing body wash
Soap removes the natural moisturizing factors present on your skin, which help provide a barrier against things like bacteria or allergens. Use a moisturizing body wash instead.

Drink straight from the glass
Using straws or small-mouthed water bottles can create wrinkles around your lips by pinching the muscles around your mouth. It’s better to drink straight from the glass when possible or use a wide-mouthed water bottle.

Stop squinting
Squinting can lead to wrinkles around your eyes. Use sunglasses and make sure that your glasses or contact lenses have an updated prescription. You’ll see better and avoid wrinkles!

Trade lukewarm for steaming hot showers
Although a long hot shower feels great, the hot water strips away the outer layer of skin cells, leaving your skin irritated. Lukewarm water is best, or just slightly warmer.

Wash your face at night
During the day, pollutants from the environment accumulate on your skin and can cause skin damage. Washing your face at night removes these pollutants.

The FDA does not regulate makeup, and many brands are ‘chemical mysteries.’ Try to use makeup with ingredients that you understand and trust, and remember to wash your face before bed!

Clean your phone
Many adults suffer from acne, often on the chin, where we rest our cell phones. Usually, the cause of acne is bacteria, which can be spread from one person to another by resting your chin on your cell phone or the phone at work. Use alcohol wipes to cleanse your cell phone as well as your work phone.

Change your razor frequently
Dull razors often cause cuts and nicks. Razors also harbor bacteria, which can lead to inflamed hair follicles. Change your razor often, after a few uses, or when it starts to dull. You’ll get a closer shave, or switch to waxing instead. Then razors won’t be an issue at all!

Get enough sleep
Sleep is essential for all kinds of reasons! During rest, collagen is restored, and in the later phases of sleep, cortisol levels decrease, reducing their harmful effects on the skin.

Sleep on your back
Sleeping on your stomach or side with your face on your pillow creates creases in your cheeks that can progress to ‘sleep wrinkles.’ If you can switch to sleeping on your back, Great! If not, use a smooth pillowcase, particularly one made out of silk or satin.

Limit drinking alcohol
Alcohol causes dehydration, which is terrible for you on all counts. Try alternating a glass of wine with a glass of water. The water helps prevent dehydration, and is also great for your skin!

Quit smoking
Cigarette smoke is BAD for your skin (and your lungs)! Accelerated aging, poor wound healing, skin elasticity loss, and skin cancer have all been linked to cigarette smoke. Quit now. Your body will thank you!