Brazilian wax services in West Seattle

Tips for Getting a Successful Brazilian Wax

First, what exactly is a Brazilian Wax?

You’ve heard of a bikini wax, right? That is where the hair along the sides and top of your bikini line is waxed. It’s a nice touch for summertime when we want to look our best in that new, sleek, sexy swimsuit!

A Brazilian Wax takes this a step further, where all (or most) of the hair in your pubic area is removed. You may opt to leave a “landing strip” or “triangle” – the choice is personal. Simply put, with a Brazilian Wax, everything goes.

How does it work?

First, you undress from the waist down and lie on the waxing table. Your aesthetician applies wax to your pubic hair and removes it with a warm, soft wax and non-woven strips. This may be uncomfortable, but it’s a quick process!

How do I prepare for a Brazilian Wax?

First off, don’t shave beforehand! The hair has to be long enough for the wax to stick to. Many women find it helpful to pop an ibuprofen before they arrive for their appointment since if you’re sensitive to pain, it will help.

Secondly, wear loose clothing. After the wax, your waxed area will be sensitive, and tight clothing may be uncomfortable.

How long does it last?

One of the absolute BEST things about a Brazilian Wax is that the hair grows back finer, meaning that less of it grows back. It’s sort of like your hair follicles get tired of having the hair pulled out and give up! It takes 3-4 weeks for your hair to start growing back. Most people schedule a maintenance appointment every 4 weeks.

A Brazilian Wax can leave you feeling fresh and clean. Give it a try when you schedule your next waxing appointment!