Tips for Getting a Successful Brazilian Wax

Brazilian wax services in West Seattle

First, what exactly is a Brazilian Wax? You’ve heard of a bikini wax, right? That is where the hair along the sides and top of your bikini line is waxed. It’s a nice touch for summertime when we want to look our best in that new, sleek, sexy swimsuit! A Brazilian Wax takes this a…

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Top Ten Reasons to Wax instead of Shave

We all like to keep our skin smooth and sleek, and this means removing unsightly hair; from our faces, legs, underarms and “wherever” it grows that we don’t want it. So, we have some options: Permanent Laser hair removal Shaving Waxing Depilatory creams DYI hair removal systems Right out of the block, Laser hair removal…

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