Is my skin dry like the desert, or dehydrated like a raisin?

We all want our skin to have that healthy youthful glow – just like when we’re fresh out of the shower, but it’s not always that easy. Skin that appears dry is a problem for many people, and slathering on the moisturizer doesn’t always work. So, what’s up with that?

There are actually two conditions to consider: is your skin dry like the desert, or dehydrated like a raisin?

Dry skin is a result of inadequate oil production. This can be a genetic predisposition leading to chronic dry skin, or an age-related condition since as we age, oil production decreases. Healthy skin, with normal oil production, will have a light sheen caused by a film of oil, perspiration and moisture from the air. This film is necessary to keep your skin both hydrated and protected. Many people find that their ‘t-zone’ is oily, think that this is abnormal, and result to using cleansers that essentially strip the skin of all oils, leaving it dry and vulnerable.

Dehydrated skin is directly related to its water content. Causes of dehydration include smoking, some medications, salt, stimulants such as coffee, and artificial indoor environments like heating in the winter and air conditioning in the summer. Sun damage can also be factor. Drinking enough water helps combat dehydrated skin.

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