Top Ten Reasons to Wax instead of Shave

We all like to keep our skin smooth and sleek, and this means removing unsightly hair; from our faces, legs, underarms and “wherever” it grows that we don’t want it. So, we have some options:

Right out of the block, Laser hair removal and the Do-It-Yourself hair removal systems come with substantial cost: ($300 – $600 for a DIY product) and individual estimates for an in-house procedure. Depilatory creams can leave skin red and irritated, and are often painful as the chemicals can burn. This leaves us with the options of shaving and waxing. Of the two, waxing is clearly the better option for the below reasons.

  1. You can’t cut yourself with waxing. Razor blades are sharp, and nicks are common.
  2. Waxing last longer. Waxing removes the hair from the root, so it takes longer for it to grow back.
  3. Hair grows back thinner. Hair grows back thinner and lighter than it does with shaving.
  4. It hurts less the more you do it. The more you wax, the less sensitive the pain receptors become and the less it hurts.
  5. Waxing keeps your skin smooth by removing dead skin cells. When you wax, you remove dead skin cells as well as hair, keeping your skin smooth and soft.
  6. Waxing is faster than shaving. Shaving involves multiple steps, while waxing only involves spreading wax on the skin and removing the hair with a cloth strip.
  7. Waxing can be done anywhere. You do not need special equipment to wax, allowing the process to be done anywhere.
  8. You can choose a wax that works best on your skin; There are various wax products specially designed for different skin types.
  9. Repeated waxing can eventually result in permanent hair removal. Repeated waxing slows hair growth, eventually leading to the point where the hair stops growing and you no longer need to wax.
  10. Ingrown hairs are less likely with waxing. When you shave, you cut the hair off at skin level, and this blunt end can get trapped under the skin where it can begin growing in a sideways or circular manner. Waxing removes the hair from the root, so the hair grows back thinner and more tapered, with a decreased chance of ingrown hairs.