How to use Sunscreen effectively

Summer is here, and along with glorious sunny days comes increased risk to your skin’s health. According to Ignelzi (2013), 90 percent of the symptoms of premature aging can be attributed to exposure to radiation from sunlight

“Although most people love the warmth and light of the sun, too much sun exposure can significantly damage human skin. The sun’s heat dries out areas of unprotected skin and depletes the skin’s supply of natural lubricating oils.” ( n.d.),

However, the simple consistent use of a good sunscreen can help combat this damage. I am asked on a regular basis how EXACTLY to apply sunscreen. Does it go over or under my regular moisturizer? If I’m supposed to reapply it after I’ve been in the sun for a while, do I reapply it over my make-up?

This link from will answer these questions:

Now, get out there and enjoy the sun!


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