Cleanse, Exfoliate, Extract and Hydrate? All at the same time?

HydraFacial. The quickest and best way to get fantastic looking skin in only 30 minutes! You could do this on your lunch break! How does this amazing process work?

The HydraFacial machine utilizes Hydradermabrasion. Whoa, Nelly! What does that mean in English? Well, “hydra” means water, and “dermabrasion” means gently scrubbing the skin, usually with a mild exfoliant which has small granules to remove dead and dry skin cells. So, “Hydradermabrasion” means exfoliating the skin with water.

The HydraFacial machine utilizes a wand with patented treatment tips (“vortex technology”) which in essence vacuum the skin, enabling it to both exfoliate and extract impurities.

First, the skin is moistened to enable the wand to glide smoothly. Then the wand is gently moved over the entire face to exfoliate. During this step, the skin is also examined for blackheads or other imperfections.

The next step is the extraction procedure, where the vacuum properties of the special tip are used to sweep away the skin’s impurities. This is a painless procedure, and HydraFacial even advertises that “We believe in no pain, and all gain.” No more redness or squeezing!

Every skin is different; I use a combination of serums depending on an individual’s skin type. End result? You look and feel FABULOUS!